24 December 2010

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sinopsis : Gulliver's Travels

Synopsis: The big-screen adaptation of "Gulliver's Travels" has Jack Black taking on the title role of Lemuel Gulliver, a free-spirited travel writer. During an assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, he suddenly finds himself a giant among men when he is washed ashore on the hidden island of Liliput, home to a population of industrious, yet tiny, people.

sinopsis: Hantu kak Limah balik rumah

Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah merupakan kesinambungan filem ‘Zombi Kampung Pisang’ bakal diteruskan dengan ‘Hantu Kak Limah Balik Ke Rumah’. Masih mengekalkan genre komedi seram, filem ini bakal menampilkan kejutan demi kejutan.

Husin yang telah lama bekerja di Singapura mengambil keputusan balik ke kampung halamannya, Kampung Pisang. Apabila pulang ke rumahnya, Husin hairan melihat perangai pelik jiran sebelah rumahnya, Kak Limah yang langsung tidak bercakap dan rambut yang mengerbang semacam. Dia juga mengalami kejadian menakutkan ketika mahu tidur. Husin bergegas ke warung Pak Munawer, lalu menceritakan kepada orang-orang kampung yang mungkin Kak Limah sudah menjadi hantu. Abi Hurairah juga setuju dengan pendapat Husin kerana beliau juga mengalami peristiwa pelik ketika melihat Kak Limah di kawasan kubur. Pak Jabit yang memang bengang dengan Husin (kerana memutuskan ikatan kasih dengan anak gadisnya, Che Nin), menuduh Husin adalah pembawa nasib buruk kepada Kampung Pisang. Sebelum ini keadaan aman damai, sebaik sahaja Husin muncul, keadaan kembali kacau bilau.
Pak Abu mencadangkan agar mereka menyiasat apa yang berlaku sebenarnya. Beramai-ramai mereka ke rumah Kak Limah. Mereka menemui mayat Kak Limah yang hampir reput. Namun, setelah pengebumian jenazah Kak Limah, kampung mereka masih dihantui makhluk misteri di tengah-tengah malam.

Pelbagai bomoh dipanggil untuk menghalau hantu, malangnya tiada satupun bomoh yang berjaya menghalau hantu tersebut. Hantu apakah itu sebenarnya? Siapa yang berjaya menghurai misteri tersebut? Temui jawapannya dalam ‘ Pulang Ke Rumah’

Filem ini dibintangi (Abi Hurairah), (Che Nin), (Usop), Avaa Vanja (Ayu), (Kak Limah), Zami Ismail (Pak Abu), Man Kadir (Pak Jabit), (Musalman), (Cik Purnama), Sofi Jikan (Wak Joko), Kamarul Yusoff (Chomprak Chawatbesiwat), Azwan (Wak Kaswi) dan ramai lagi.

Synopsis: Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale

Synopsis: "Rapunzel" is an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents' castle as a baby, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit. With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair... lots of hair.

Synopsis: About The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Return to the magic and wonder of C.S. Lewis' beloved world – via the fantastic Narnian ship, the Dawn Treader. In this new installment of the blockbuster "The Chronicles of Narnia" motion picture franchise, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their cousin Eustace, their royal friend King Caspian, and a warrior mouse named Reepicheep, find themselves swallowed into a painting and on to the Dawn Treader. Their mission - on which rests the fate of Narnia itself - takes the courageous voyagers to mysterious islands and a river that turns to gold, to fateful confrontations with magical creatures and sinister enemies, and to a reunion with their friend and protector, the "Great Lion" Aslan.
BEN BARNES (King Caspian) had his very first Hollywood motion picture starring role as the title character of C.S. Lewis' second adventure in the land of Narnia, who, in the third installment, has now been anointed a King as he sets sail in search of seven missing Lords dispatched by his father to the far edges of the world. For television, Barnes co-starred for director Simon West ("Lara Croft: Tomb Raider") in the CW network telefilm, "Split Decision".

GEORGIE HENLEY (Lucy) returns as the youngest of the Pevensie siblings for her third adventure in C.S. Lewis' wondrous fantasy world after making her professional acting debut in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", the first of the movie franchise that played to great commercial and critical acclaim in 2005. The 14-year-old from Ilkley, W. Yorkshire, in the north of England was already a member of a local drama club called Upstagers, where she was discovered by casting director Pippa Hall in a countrywide casting call for the film launched in June, 2003. Georgie won the role over 2,000 other hopefuls. For her work in the first film, Georgie collected numerous awards and nominations from organizations around the world, including the Phoenix Film Critics Award (Best Performance by a Youth in a Support or Lead Role, Female), the Michael Eliot Trust Award (Child Star of the Year), the Total Film Award (the Dakota Fanning prize for Best Child Actor) and theYoung Artists Award (Best Performance/Feature Film - ages ten and under). Additionally, George earned earned nominations as Best Young Actress from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, as Most Promising Newcomer for the United Kingdom's Empire Awards, as Best Breakthrough Performance from the Online Film Critics Society and as Best Newcomer from the Chicago Film Critics circle. Following the release of "Prince Caspian", Georgie won the UK Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award 2008 for Favourite Female Film Star. This award was the result of a public vote. Since her debut in the first "Narnia" film, Georgie also played the young Jane Eyre in last year's BBC production of "Jane Eyre".
SKANDAR KEYNES (Edmund) returns in the role of Edmund Pevensie following his appearances in both prior Narnia adventures. In his first journey through Narnia in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", Edmund was the younger brother who betrayed his siblings for his own selfish gain. "Prince Caspian" saw Edmund growing in stature and wisdom. Now in this new adventure, as he approaches manhood several years later, Edmund’s challenge is to serve and protect Narnia's new king, Caspian, as they set sail for the Far Eastern edge of Aslan's world in their quest to recover the swords of the missing Lords of Telmar. Keynes is the 18-year-old London-born performer who began his professional acting career at age nine in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of "Macbeth" for Britain's Channel 4 TV. He immediately followed with another television role as a Victorian waif in Jonathan Meade's docudrama, "The Victorians", which aired on BBC-2. The next year (2001), Skandar played the role of Enzo Ferrari as a child in Duemila Productions/Victory biopic, "Enzo Ferrari", which profiled the famous Italian race car driver. Skandar's father, Randal Keynes, recently attended the World Premiere presentation of the film "Creation", which opened the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. The movie, starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, is based on his book Annie's Box: Charles Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution about the life of his great, great grandfather, Charles Darwin. You can read more about Skandar's career and personal interests on his website - http://www.skandar-keynes.com/.

WILL POULTER (Eustace Scrubb) made his professional acting debut as the school bully Lee Carter, whose love of the cinema leads to an unexpected bond with a well-mannered schoolmate and the pair's desire to emulate their favorite action hero on their own homemade video in the charming coming-of-age tale, "Son of Rambow". The film premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, where its enthusiastic reception led to showings at the Toronto International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival and the 51st BFI London Film Festival. The film went on to win Best Comedy at the UK's Empire Awards and the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. It also earned BAFTA nomination for writer-director Garth Jennings and four British Independent Film Award nominations, including one for Poulter as Most Promising Newcomer. Poulter is a London native whose love of performing began at the age of four with the role of an elf in a local school play. Over the years, he continued acting in school productions while never taking any formal drama lessons. He was subsequently "discovered" by casting director Susie Figgis at the secondary school he attends, Harrodian, whose active drama department is on the local film/TV industry's radar for fresh, new talent. Poulter is also part of the ensemble cast (with other young comedic actors from the Harrodian School) in "School Of Comedy", whose pilot episode aired on Channel 4's Comedy Lab in August, 2008. "School Of Comedy" has since been commissioned for a full series by Channel 4, with the first season's broadcast beginning in the Fall, 2009.

Sinopsis Ngangkung

Sinopsis Ngangkung:- ‘Ngangkung’ adalah satu perbuatan memuja nombor ekor dengan membawa ‘barang’ untuk dipuja oleh bomoh. Barang tersebut haruslah sesuatu yang susah untuk didapati seperti keris lama, syiling lama dan sebagainya. Filem ngangkung mengisahkan Azim, seorang pemandu lori yang hidup sederhana di sebuah perkampungan pinggir bandar bersama isteri, Suri dan anak perempuannya. Azim mempunyai dua orang kawan baik iaitu Tasnim dan Wan. Tasnim dan Wan memang merupakan ‘kaki ekor’ dan aktiviti mereka memang diketahui oleh isteri masing-masing.
Azim yang pada asalnya tidak pernah menghiraukan aktiviti rakan-rakannya akhirnya terpengaruh juga kerana desakan dan kesempitan hidup. Ditambah pula dengan kejayaan Tasnim mengubah gaya hidup setelah berjaya memenangi nombor ekor hasil ngangkung. Bermula dengan hanya untuk melihat, kian hari Azim semakin seronok mengikut Tasnim dan Wan walaupun secara senyap tanpa pengetahuan Suri. Pelbagai cara dan berbagai jenis bomoh mereka jumpa demi mendapatkan nombor untuk mereka beli. Pelbagai kejadian seram dan lucu terjadi sepanjang mereka mengangkung. Perubahan ketara dalam hidup Azim berlaku apabila dia terlibat secara lebih serius sehingga mengabaikan keluarga akibat taksub untuk mendapatkan nombor ekor. Begitu juga dengan Tasnim dan Wan. Sehingga satu hari berlaku kejadian yang benar-benar mengubah hidup mereka. Apakah kesudahan hidup mereka? Dan berjayakah mereka mendapatkan apa yang mereka hajati? Segalanya terjawab dalam “NGANGKUNG”.

Tajuk Filem:Ngangkung
Pengarah:Ismail Bob Hasim
Penerbit:Metrowealth Movies Production Sdn. Bhd.
Dipawagam:25 November 2010
Pelakon Ngangkung:
Angah Raja Lawak
Putri Mardiana
Eira Syazira
Azlee Senario
Ruzaidi Abdul Rahman
Mazlan Pet Pet

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